Welcome to the MPS City Conference Student-Athlete Eligibility Registration Portal

Interscholastic Athletics welcomes you to our new paperless student-athlete online eligibility registration portal.  All clearance for HIGH SCHOOL athletic participation will now be completed here once you create/verify your account, sign all waivers, submit proof of insurance, physical examination form, and all other required information.  Remember you will NOT be cleared for participation until all steps in the eligibility process are completed.  Please reach out to your athletic director if you have additional questions. 

Spring Sports Registration is now OPEN. 

Baseball, Softball, Boys Tennis, Boys Golf, Girls Soccer

and Girls/Boys Track & Field

Please take this opportunity to get an early start on participating by registering before the April 4, 2022 deadline.  

Note if you already have a Family account or have registered in the past DO NOT create a new account.  Login to your existing account, choose the "Register" tab for the name of the student-athlete presently in the system or choose "new student" if registering a first time student-athlete that is your child.  Click "Forgot Username and Password" if needed.  If you have NEVER created a Family account, use the "Create New Account" to get started otherwise DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT.  If you need assistance, please contact your Athletic Director.

Remember you need the following information available BEFORE starting your registration:

  • MPS Student ID# (DO NOT include the "s";  USE NUMBERS ONLY)
  • Personal Contact Information (student-athlete name exactly as it appears in Infinite Campus, address, phone number, primary/seconday emergency contact, etc.)
  • Valid email address (one that is checked regularly)
  • Physical Examination Form (uploaded to system; MUST BE SIGNED BY PHYSICIAN AND PARENT/LEGAL GUARDIAN OR INVALID)
  • Current Proof of Insurance (upload front/back of card)
  • Athletic Fee Payment (debit/credit card)

All waivers, agreements, policies, AND physical must be acknowledged and signed by parent/legal guardian and/or student-athlete before participating in any practice/competition.    

Remember: Only the parent/legal guardian listed in Infinite Campus can register their student-athlete(s). All other registrations are invalid and will be deleted.

The Athletic Director is prohibited from submitting your signed physical or proof of insurance for you but can assist in the process.  Please reach out for assistance.

If you have an existing account, please DO NOT create a new one to register.  Simply login to your existing account and sign up for the sport of your choice (only one per season). 

If you have never created an account, you will need to create an account first then register.

Read this step-by-step guide for more information on how to register successfully.  Also, this site can be translated into Spanish or Hmong (see top right corner to change language).  Please contact your athletic director if you encounter registration issues.



If you have questions or need assistance with the registration, please contact:

Your School Athletic Director

Milwaukee Public Schools Athletics